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Color Ranger E 3D Vision Camera

By: SICK, Inc.

SICK's Color Ranger E is the world’s first high-speed 3D camera with high-quality color capability. By measuring both the 3D shape and the color of objects more reliable decisions can be made, allowing production plants to improve their uptime, throughput, and product quality. The ColorRanger E replaces the need for several different cameras for the same task, which reduces the solution cost and complexity.

ColorRanger E Cameras are used to solve various inspection tasks by measuring shape, contrast, and surface defects, to ensure product quality and production reliability. The ColorRanger E further expands inspection possibilities by also providing high-resolution RGB color at up to 3072 pixels per channel. With simultaneous 3D and color information at more than 11 kHz, multiple inspections can be performed in parallel at full production speed.

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