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Ranger E 3D Camera

By: SICK, Inc.

The Ranger E is a high-speed 3D camera for advanced applications and tough industrial environments. The camera measures object shape (3D) at high speeds at the same time as measuring other object features, such as gray scale and laser scatter (MultiScan). Measuring the 3rd dimension provides knowledge about object height, shape, or volume. In combination with MultiScan technology, object information is provided by one camera - decreasing solution complexity and cost.

The measurements are distributed over standard interfaces, such as CameraLink or Gigabit Ethernet, to a PC for further analysis. PC applications are built using the 3D camera development software that includes tools for 3D data visualization and camera configuration. SICK 3D cameras offer high scalability with the best price/performance on the market.

Acquire up to 35,000 profiles per second

• 3D shape inspection for high-speed production?(up to 35,000 profiles/s) • Contrast and color independent inspection • MultiScan feature - measure 3D, gray scale and laser scatter at the same time • Highly configurable via software parameters • Easy to integrate via Gigabit Ethernet interface • High flexibility with sensor resolutions of up to 1536 3D coordinates and up to 3072 pixels in gray scale

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