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LMS400 Laser Measurement Technology Scanner

By: SICK, Inc.

The LMS400 Laser Measurement Technology Scanner is the short-range sensor in SICK's laser measurement technology family. This particular scanner is best suited for applications in material handling and robotics, such as determining box volume and locating an object's position and orientation on a pallet. In applications where light conditions create problems for vision cameras, the LMS400 scanner is welcome alternative. The eye-safe laser scanner uses frequency phase-shift technology to provide accurate planar measurement data from a 70 degree field of view and 3 m range with 1 mm resolution. The scanner measures the distance to an object in the field of view and outputs data by Ethernet or serial communication. The on-board Level Control application creates a user-defined field of view and incorporates the sensors additional outputs to create a incredibly flexible product for numerous material handling applications.

- Easy-to-use SOPAS configuration software from SICK - Measurement and reflectivity data available for every scan - Ethernet and serial communication protocols - Additional discrete and analog I/O to increase scanner functionality - Flexible encoder input to create 3D images - No additional lenses or lighting required

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