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Lector620 Image-based Code Reader

By: SICK, Inc.

Introducing the Lector620 image-based bar code reader. This compact and industrial imager reads all popular 1D, 2D Data Matrix codes and PDF 417. It can read stationary and fast moving codes (up to 900 fpm), and can output more than 20 2D codes a second. It reliably reads codes on varying printed materials: from 1D inkjet printed on corrugated boxes, to laser etched 2D codes on PCBs, direct marked codes on metal, as well as codes printed on plastic, glass, and paper, etc.

• Reads 1D, 2D, PDF 417, QR codes

• Automatic focus teach-in for quick setup

• Easy integration with industrial networks: serial, Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS and CAN auto setup with function button and aiming laser, does not require PC

• Compact design and industrial housing with swivel connector

• Analysis tools include live image capturing, code verification and read rate view

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