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HDV62 Full HD Frame Grabber

By: ADLINK Technology, Inc.

Full resolution and lossless video compression are critical in medical imaging applications. ADLINK's HDV62 PCI Express x4 full-HD frame grabber delivers uncompressed video streaming up to 1920 x 1080p at 60 fps and lossless pixel information for both spatial and frequency domain analysis. The HDV62 effectively minimizes the engineering burden with Microsoft Directshow support, video format auto-detection, and both conventional analog and HDMI/DVI image acquisition.

Implementation of the PCI Express® x4 interface situates the HDV62 ideally for system integrators to develop enhanced imaging systems effortlessly, assuring medical professionals of high quality video capture and lossless pixel information, in a wide variety of medical imaging fields such as molecular and ultrasound diagnostic imaging.

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