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AVIIVA UM2 GEV, CCD Monochrome Linescan cameras
Model Number: AVIIVA UM2 GEV

By: Teledyne E2v

The new AViiVA Gigabit Ethernet UM2 camera has been designed with three concepts: accuracy, versatility and easy implementation while it features a compact housing design (56x60x40.6mm). High-data rate, standard interface hardware, throughputs of 125MB/s with cable length up to 100 meters, camera control, are additional criteria for this new attractive interface option.

The camera incorporates sensors from 512 to 4096 pixels (10µm or 14 µm) and a Gigabit Ethernet interface controlled through Pleora’s eBUS-PureGEV solution that combines the eBUS drivers Suite and the iPORT PureGEV Suite. This package includes powerful and versatile image capture application, rugged, well-tested and feature-rich C++ classes and methods, easy-to-use applets as well as complete documentation.

The UM2 family hardware and firmware is fully compatible with the GigE Vision and GenICam standards. Therefore, it can be operated from any other software/driver package that is compatible with such standards.

Performance and reliability of this AViiVA GigE camera meet requirements of the most demanding applications, from web inspection to document scanning, from surface inspection to metrology.

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