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GigESim GigE Vision Server SDK and Camera Simulator

By: A&B Software

GigESim is a software package that includes a GigE Vision camera simulator, camera type converter and GigE Vision server SDK. A computer running GigESim presents itself to the network as GigE Vision and GenICam compliant camera. Any GigE Vision client software running at the same or other computers on the network will treat GigESim as an actual camera with remotely-controlled features. Image source options include several standard patterns and pre-recorded AVI videos. GigESim can also be used as a camera type converter by turning cameras of different types (analog, USB, 1394, Camera Link) into virtual GigE Vision cameras accessible and controlled from any computer on the network. The package includes a powerful GigE Vision Server SDK that allows developers to assign images generated by their application to one or several virtual GigE Vision cameras and stream the images to the network for further processing and analysis. Developers can define individual features provided by each simulated camera and exercise full remote control over each feature. GigESim provides an ideal solution for GigE Vision software testing, distributing processing, application remote control, multi-node surveillance, pipeline video transfer, and many more.

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