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Mini Camera Link Cable Assemblies
Model Number: MCLCP-XX-P & MCLCP-XX-MP

By: Intercon 1 - A Division of Nortech Systems, Inc.

Mini Camera Link offers a smaller interface without sacrificing the performance and quality that Intercon 1 brings to Camera Link products. Because both standard and Mini Camera Link interface with the same pin configuration, cables are available that convert Mini to Standard. This enables the use of a camera link system that fits your specific needs. Mini Camera Link features an overmolded connector for the best strain relief. The high flex cable and locking thumbscrews add additional benefits when used in a motion application. Durability is ensured with a Duralon jacket. This unique cross between Teflon and Dacron creates a tough material that is both flexable and robust.

Connectors: Mini Style: Honda HDR 26 Position / Standard Style: 3M MDR 26 Position


Conductors: 11 Individually Shielded Twisted Pairs; 4 Drain Wires

Jacket Material: Duralon-TPE & Dacron Blend Overall Diameter: .270" +/- .010 Overall Shield: Tinned Copper Braid RoHS Status:

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