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1.3 MP Firefly MV USB 2.0 Camera

By: FLIR Systems, Inc.

It features a 1/3” Sony IMX035 CMOS sensor with a 1328 x 1048 square pixel array, high signal-to-noise ratio, superior color fidelity, and no smear. The Firefly MV runs at 23 FPS or VGA at 60 FPS. Its USB 2.0 interface, small size, and low price make this model an ideal choice for microscopy, bioscience, medical and visualization applications.

The Firefly MV line offers a total of 11 different combinations of image sensor, form factor and interface that are designed to address a wide variety of applications in industrial and non-industrial imaging. The camera’s USB 2.0 480 Mbits/s digital interface transfers both data and power and allows full 1328 x 1048 raw Bayer images to be acquired at 23 FPS, or VGA at 60 FPS using either of the sensor’s 2 x 2 pixel binning or region of interest modes.

Sensor: Micron 1/3" global shutter CMOS, color/mono (0.3MP) Sony 1/3" rolling shutter CMOS, color (1.3MP)
Interface: IEEE 1394a or USB 2.0 (1.3MP only USB 2.0)
Resolution: 752x480, 1328x1048
Frame Rates: 752x480 at 60 FPS, 1328x1048 at 23 FPS
Partial Image Modes: Pixel binning and region of interest
Trigger In / Strobe Out : Trigger Modes 0 and 3, strobe output

The FMVU-13S2C is housed in a small and lightweight 44 x 24 x 34 mm plastic case, and is equipped with a CS-mount lens holder, removable IR cut filter, and a 7-pin general purpose I/O connector that can be used to synchronize the camera to external devices, such as an external trigger or light source. A board-level option, which measures just 40 x 25 mm, is available for qualified OEM’s. The new FMVU-13S2C is list priced at just USD $325 ($245 in quantities of 10 or more) and is available from Point Grey and its network of distributors.

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