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CVB GigE Vision Server
Model Number: Version 10.2


Camera Simulation software

Using the Common Vision Blox tool CVB GigE Vision Server, a suitably equipped computer can be used as both, as an image receiver and as an image source. It acts like a GigE Vision and GenICam compliant image source with freely configurable features. The output data is also compliant with the GigE Vision standard and is therefore compatible with any standard compliant software solution on the processing computer. It is irrelevant to the processing computer whether it sees a real GigE Vision compliant camera on the network as an image source, or a GEV server acting as a camera with its individual properties. - Data transfer to multiple PCs via multicast - High performance image streaming - Low CPU load thanks to CVB filter driver technology - Allows to define and simulate own camera features - Spread image data to multiple streams - Full remote configuration and control - Perfect solution for distributed computing

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