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Endurance™ Camera Link® Cable Assemblies
Model Number: Endurance™ Camera Link® Cable Assemblies

By: Northwire Inc.

Northwire exceeds your requirements with design and prototyping services, expert guidance to navigate national and international standards, express delivery and no minimum quantity or length requirements. Northwire was the first company to produce a high-flex-life Camera Link cable, designed specifically for vision systems.

•Industrial-grade for cameras and frame grabbers •Standard and PoCL (Power over Camera Link) versions available •Camera Link and PoCL cables meet the requirements of Appendix D of the Camera Link specification irregular font •PoCL assemblies meets Appendix E requirements of the Camera Link specification •Connectors are internally shielded irregular font •Screw-lock vertical and horizontal connectors available (screwdriver supplied) irregular font •TPE elastomer jacketing material is resistant to abrasion, flame, UV, water and weld-flash •High- and low-temperature stability—high-temperature rating of 80ºC and brittle point of -30ºC •Dual shielded construction—100% foil, 65% TC braid shield irregular font •Surpassed 20 million flex cycles when tested on the Northwire Standardized Flex Test apparatus in mode A (tick-tock bending) •FT-1 flame rated, RoHS-compliant, UL recognized and CSA approved •Industry-exclusive lifetime warranty •Bulk cable also available •Stock cable assemblies available for purchase online

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