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XGA PoCL mini-cube monochrome camera 30FPS
Model Number: CSCX30BC3 Dragon Series Power Over Camera Link

By: Toshiba Teli Corporation

An integrated type B/W CCD camera with a XGA format all-pixel-data readout CCD. The model is suited for high-speed, high-resolution image processing use. Its compact, light-weight body is ideal for system integration.

* All-pixel reading system allows to read all pixels in just 1/30 second and is equipped with a full-frame shutter that allows all-pixel reading even during shutter operations.

* Full-frame shutter Since all pixels are output even by a random trigger shutter operation, high resolution can be achieved, without deteriorating the vertical resolution.

* The tetragonal lattice layout of CCD pixels facilitates computation for image processing.

* Random trigger shutter function, which starts exposure synchronized with external trigger signals. Fast-moving objects can thus be captured in place, which ensures accurate image processing.

* Restart-Reset- Images can be shot and fetched at arbitrary timing based on external VD signal input.

* Partial scan - Speed is further increased because areas other than the image output range specified by the user are not read.

* Ultra-compact and lightweight main unit The space-saving ultra-compact and lightweight camera has excellent resistance against vibration and impact.

* Conformity to RoHS directive

Number of total pixels 1077(H) × 788(V) Number of effective pixels 1034(H) × 779(V) Number of Video out pixels 1024(H) × 768(V) Scanning area 4.81mm(H) × 3.62mm(V) (= Equivalent to 1/3” type CCD size) Pixel size 4.65µm(H) × 4.65µm(V)

Data 10 / 8 bit switching (factory default: 8bit) Lens mount - C mount

Dimensions 29mm(W) × 29mm(H) × 26.5mm(D) * Not including protrusion

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