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5 MegaPixel Resolution 15FPS color
Model Number: CSCQS15CC23 Dragon Series Camera Link

By: Toshiba Teli Corporation

FIVE MEGAPIXEL, 15 FPS: Toshiba Teli Dragon™ Series 5MP cameras transfer highly detailed five-megapixel images (2456 x 2058) at 15 frames per-second up to 12 bit depths. Additional frame rate speed is available via the Region of Interest (ROI) programmable, partial scanning mode.

This CCD Color camera is a high-resolution camera that features all pixel readout mode 2/3 CCD.

* High resolution Bayer array high pixel density CCD (number of effective pixels 5.05 M, number of total pixels 5.24 M) is used.

* Square grids The CCD pixels arrayed in square grids facilitates computation for image processing.

* Full-frame shutter since all pixels are output even by shutter operation, high resolution can be achieved, without deteriorating the vertical resolution.

* Camera link interface The interface of image output and the camera control adopts the Camera Link standard. When you use frame grabber board for the camera link, high-speed image transfer and various controls to PC are possible.

* All-pixel readout mode (normal mode) All pixel signals (in the effective area) are output in approximately 1/15 second.

* Programmable partial scan mode - Partial scan within the range arbitrary from 100 lines to 2456 lines is possible.

* High-speed draft readout mode By reading 4 lines from every 16 lines, all signals in the effective area are output in approximately in 1/37.1 second.

* Random trigger shutter By external trigger signal input, the shot image can be grabbed at an arbitrary timing.

* Multiple-shutter By external trigger signal input, the shot image can be grabbed at an arbitrary timing and the accumulated shot images can be output at an arbitrary timing.

CleverDragon 5MP cameras are ideal for a wide range of industrial imaging and machine vision applications requiring highspeed, extremely precise images from a compact Camera Link camera. Applications include high-speed machine vision, factory automation, robotics, inspection, scientific and many others.

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