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Model Number: 1191

By: Euresys

Cost-Effective Camera Link Acquisition • Base configuration -24-bit at 60 MHz- • 8-MB on-board memory • Form factors: Conventional PCI 32-bit 33 MHz bus The Grablink Value is an affordable Base Camera Link frame grabber for cost-effective industrial applications. The Grablink Value is recommended for single-camera systems. The driver supports Linux and Windows 32- and 64-bit.

FLEXIBLE AND RELIABLE LINE-SCAN ACQUISITION The Grablink series interfaces to state-of-the-art Camera Link line-scan cameras with line rate and exposure control. Free running cameras are supported as well. The «web mode» allows inspecting a continuously moving surface without losing a single line.

In «page mode», a Grablink acquires a set of consecutive lines constituting a 2D image. The acquisition starts when the object enters the camera field of view, as signaled by an external trigger.

When the observed web or object moves at a variable speed, the frame grabber imposes a camera scanning rate derived from a motion encoder. This guarantees a fixed pixel aspect ratio. Perfect square pixels are achievable. A built-in rate converter of the Grablink boards defines any ratio between the camera scanning rate and the encoder pulse rate with 1/1000 resolution. Thus, an off-the-shelf encoder can serve several applications. The exposure control feature guarantees a constant sensitivity despite the speed variation.

FULL SUPPORT OF AREA-SCAN ACQUISITION Support of asynchronous reset, exposure control, strobe lighting and trigger are often required in industrial applications are available on the Grablink series. The synchronous mode is also supported.

For any tap structure, a Grablink delivers a re-ordered bitmap image to the PC memory. Tap-reversal is supported. With the multiplex tap technique, several taps are interleaved over Camera Link as long as the combined data rate remains below the pixel clock frequency specified for the board.

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