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Phoenix Medium or Dual Base Camera Link frame grabber for PCI Express bus
Model Number: AS-PHX-D48CL-104PE1

By: Active Silicon, Inc.

AS-PHX-D48CL-104PE1 is a PCI/104-Express board for the acquisition of digital data from a variety of Camera Link sources, including digital frame capture and line scan cameras. It supports all the formats of the Base and Medium configurations, i.e. single 8 to 16 bit data, through 12 bit RGB, to four tap 12 bit sources, as well as dual Base configuration, i.e. acquisition from two asynchronous Base cameras.

• Single lane (x1) v1.1 PCI Express interface

• PCI/104-Express form factor

• PCI Express burst rates in excess of 190Mbytes/sec

• Supports Power over Camera Link with SafePower

• Software Development Kit (SDK) with support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, VxWorks, DOS and QNX

• SDK Support includes 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux

• Supports digital areascan / linescan cameras

• Accepts multi-tap & multi-channel camera formats, including line and pixel interleaved

• Maximum pixel clock of 66MHz

• Extended temperature operation

• v1.2 Camera Link compliant

• Hardware control of scatter-gather requires 0% host CPU intervention

• Dual channel serial port with EIA-644 signalling

• Supports Camera Link serial comms API

• Opto-Isolated, TTL and EIA-644 I/O

The Phoenix Series combines high-performance functionality with exceptional versatility and adaptability, giving OEMs and integrators the ultimate in flexibility and control. Available in PCI Express, PCI, CompactPCI, PMC and PC/104-Plus form factors. Also, in addition to the Phoenix comprehensive SDK we can provide Third-party image analysis software drivers such as Common Vision Blox, LabVIEW, Image-Pro Plus, etc.

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