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Camera Link frame grabber for PCI or PCI-X
Model Number: PCI DV C-Link


PCI DV C-Link is a high-performance Camera Link frame grabber for PCI or PCI-X. It provides two MDR26 connectors to support one medium- or up to two base-mode cameras. Images of any resolution are captured in real time and sent via DMA to the host for processing.

The board provides onboard region-of-interest control and supports data rates up to 220 megabytes per second, as supported by the host. Camera speed, resolution, and number of buffers are limited only by host bandwidth and memory.

Line and frame triggering are supported over camera control lines.

Included are software/driver packages for supported operating systems (Windows and Linux) and an SDK that includes C language libraries, examples, utilities, image capture and display GUI, camera configuration files, and Camera Link standard DLL for camera control.

  • Fits in a PCI or PCI-X slot
  • Supports one medium- or up to two base-mode cameras
  • Sends images of any resolution to host via DMA
  • Provides onboard region-of-interest control
  • Supports data rates of 220 MB/s, as supported by host
  • Supports line and frame triggering over camera control lines
  • Includes SDK and drivers for Windows and Linux

PCI DV C-Link is ideal for virtually all PCI vision applications, including astronomy, aerial mapping, computer microscopy, intelligent traffic systems, manufacturing / inspection, remote scientific monitoring, medical and nuclear imaging, image archiving, machine vision, multimedia, security, and many others.

The complete line of EDT Camera Link products includes frame grabbers, extenders, simulators, and systems.

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