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USB 2.0 industrial camera series
Model Number: mvBlueFOX


The next generation of the successful USB 2.0 camera series mvBlueFOX impresses with its new innovations. A new analog-to-digital converter allows better conversion of the sensor data as well as an output of up to 1024 gray scale values (10 bit). An image memory of 8 MB makes the camera more flexible and robust in practice. The image data are buffered in the camera locally and can be sent again if transfer errors appear. In a tough industrial environment with multiple cameras, for example, this could happen during operation.

Besides, everything will remain unaffected. The mvBlueFOX with a size of 38.8 x 38.8 x 58.5 mm (width x height x length) is available with a lens holder for C-, CS-, S-Mount lenses, in the same way customer specific wishes are possible. The range of available sensors for the second generation is extensive. CCD and CMOS sensor as gray scale or color version up to 5 megapixel are available. Furthermore, the camera contains two digital I/Os, which can be used for trigger and flash. With the help of the Hardware Real-Time Controller (HRTC), which is be implemented in the FPGA, the inputs may be polled out and the outputs and image capture may be easily operated in real-time. This allows the HRTC to implement a multitude of applications such as generation of trigger signals, synchronisation of diverse cameras, fast generation of image sequences with different flash and exposure settings etc.

Beside the drivers for Linux and Windows, the camera also supports DirectShow, NeuroCheck, Halcon, LabView and naturally the MATRIX VISION image processing library mvIMPACT completely.

Especially for OEMs, the industrial camera mvBlueFOX is available as a manageable and flexible board level version.

* Compact industrial CCD & CMOS cameras with USB 2.0 * High quality sensors from VGA up to 5 Mpixels * 8 Mpixels memory * PLC-type real-time sequencer (HRTC) * FPGA on-board hardware LUT 10 bits to 8 bits * Up to 12 bits ADC

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