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XCL-5005 5 MPixel PoCL B/W Video Camera
Model Number: XCL-5005

By: Sony Visual Imaging Solutions

Sony’s high resolution XCL-5005 monochrome video camera incorporates a new Sony 2/3-type Progressive Scan Sony CCD sensor. This 5-Megapixel CCD camera provides exceptional picture quality (2448 x 2050 pixels) and captures video at 15 frames per second. The camera adopts the AIA PoCL standard and features auto-selectable power from an EIAJ or PoCL connector. The XCL-5005 also features a multitude of functions such as vertical and horizontal partial scanning, built-in real-time hardware pre-processing, and flexible high speed outputs. These functions are beneficial to machine vision applications including large part inspection, PCB inspection, semi-mounting and bonding machinery, and microscopy. The XCL-5005 is compatible with a wide variety of commercially available Camera Link frame grabbers.

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