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AViiVA EM1, CCD monochrome line scan camera
Model Number: AViiVA EM1

By: Teledyne E2v

EM1 is the perfect candidate for applications requiring both the ease of use, the multi cast capabilities, the overall system cost perspectives of the Gigabit Ethernet interface and the highest electro optical and line rate performances. Based on the latest generation of e2v sensors, EM1 features unmatched electro optical performances. The camera embeds an advanced GPIO that meets with the latest Genicam standard and SNFC v1.2.1 in order to bring to the user the most versatile solution and the needed interoperability to deal with peripheral components such as trigger signal generators. A user friendly software package is also released with the camera and includes iPORT PureGEV suite from Pleora as well as standard/high performance drivers.

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