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Hermes API/SDK.
Model Number: Hermes API/SDK

By: NorPix, Inc.

Add digital video recording features to your application using the Hermes API.

- Optimized to take advantage of multi-core / multi-CPU architecture, 32 bit or 64 bit Windows OS

* Set of C/C++ functions and classes. (.Net coming soon) * Full control of the image flow within the application: Keep/discard/archive/display. * Connect to any of the over one hundred frame grabbers and cameras supported by NorPix. * Receive images from the camera. * Save images to sequence file ( StreamPix's .seq file format), image files (bmp, jpeg, tiff, png) or movie clip ( .avi). * Provides access to time stamping using either computer clock or Irig time or GPS source , or LTC. * Playback captured sequence files at various speed. * Display images received on a user-defined canvas (device context). * Compute frames per second speed. * Comes with detailed documentation and demo samples. * Can be used with single or multiple cameras. * Simultaneously support for multiple identical or different cameras. * Set triggering mode from hardware or software based triggering. * Work in 8 or 16 bit per channel with monochrome or color images. * Perform Bayer interpolation. * Modify frame rates as desired. - Plus much more... * OEM volume pricing available for run time copies.

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