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Camera Portfolio

By: Vision Components GmbH

Product portfolio
Thanks to their integrated high-performance processors, Smart Cameras from Vision Components execute all image processing routines, thereby rendering conventional PC stations unnecessary. The cameras incorporate all necessary components: a CCD sensor, a processor, a frame grabber, interfaces and PLC I/Os. The devices are considerably more compact and better priced than conventional image processing systems. Vision Components’ product portfolio includes, amongst others, the VC Professional series and the VC Optimum line, which is equipped with the latest Texas Instruments DSP generation (1 GHz, 8,000 MIPS). In addition to that, Vision Components also offers intelligent single board cameras which are especially suited for OEM applications. These highly compact cameras offer the same performance as the standard camera models. Designed as an OEM single board camera measuring 60 x 100 mm, the new stereo camera features two camera heads equipped with Sony CCD sensors. Also available are intelligent sensor cameras with an IP65/67 housing featuring integrated optics and LED lighting, which can perform sensor tasks in many applications.

Wide application range
Thanks to their integrated intelligence, Smart Cameras are suited for a wide range of tasks. They can be used as stand-alone image processing systems even in demanding applications, e.g. in measuring and testing technology. At up to 484 fps, they are suitable for complex image processing routines and fulfill high speed requirements, thus qualifying for high speed applications, e.g. in the printing industry. Smart Cameras are already widely used to optimize production processes, for instance in the solar and pharmaceutical industries. Further application examples include logistics robots, license plate recognition and movement detection in security technology, checking playing cards in casinos, sorting lottery tickets and positioning solar wafers.

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