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By: ADLINK Technology, Inc.

Embedded vision systems, also referred to as robust vision systems, offer an alternative to smart cameras and computer-based systems. The ADLINK EOS series is a complete embedded system that offers image acquisition, processing, archiving, and display for mission-driven industries. Designed with a multi-core CPU, the EOS series is perfect for applications that require high computing power and multi-camera imaging, such as 3D vision, robotic guidance, alignment, and assembly inspection.

The ADLINK EOS series provides multi-camera support of up to four channels, making it ideal for use in industrial automation applications to improve overall product quality and increase efficiency. In addition, featuring rich I/O connectivity with factory-floor networks, including RS-232/485, USB, and isolated digital I/O, as well as on-board storage, ADLINK’s EOS embedded vision system series, is a ready-to-deploy vision system.

Taking the advantages of dual data storage, simple maintenance, and four independent PoE (Power over Ethernet) or NTSC/PAL channels, the ADLINK EOS series successfully saves both time and overall cost when developing your trusted vision system.

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