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By: Alpha Data Parallel Systems Ltd.

The ADA-PCIE-CLINK6V provides an out of the box FPGA based PCIe® Camera Link frame grabber. Included in the kit is the source code for the FPGA designs and software, so that they may be customized to suit the exact needs of the end application.

The provided FPGA designs implement a simple frame grabber compatible with acquiring data from Camera Link® camera(s). These designs can be used as a starting point to perform image/video processing tasks such as filtering, format conversion, or compression. The FPGA designs are also extendable to perform analysis of the input image stream(s) on the FPGA card, and may also be used to implement a control system reacting to the input image stream(s).

Product Features

  • Board Format : Half length PCIE
  • Host I/F : PCI EXPRESS
  • Target Device(s) : Xilinx Virtex-6 {SX315T} (FFG1759)
  • SDRAM : 2GByte in 4 independent banks of DDR3 SDRAM @ 800MT/s (32-bit wide so 3.2GB/s)
  • ADM-XRC-6T1 with Virtex-6 SX315 FPGA and 2.0 GiBytes of DDR3
  • XRM-CLINK-MINI to provide Camera Link® IO to FPGA
  • ADC-PCIE-XMC PCIE Gen 2.0 carrier for ADM-XRC-6T1
  • API including source code for FPGA based frame grabber
  • Example application for capturing images, serial communications with camera(s), and controlling camera(s) CC lines
  • FPGA frame grabber source code

For further product details see the ADA-PCIE-CLINK6V product page here.

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