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640x512 SWIR CAMERA with TEC and Shutter
Model Number: MT-MicroCAM2-SW6415

By: Mikro-Tasarim Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

MT-MicroCAM2-SW6415 is a compact SWIR camera. It has an InGaAs based FPA working in the 900nm-1700nm SWIR spectral band. The FPA is built using our low-noise CTIA ROIC called MT6415CA. The FPA has a format of 640 × 512 and pixel pitch of 15µm with an active imaging area of 9600µm × 7680µm. The camera has a compact camera electronics built using our new MTAS1410X8CL ASIC product with on-chip ADCs, microcontroller, and high-speed LVDS serializers. This allows development of compact, low-power, and low-noise SWIR cameras. The SWIR camera has a Shutter and TEC (Thermo Electric Cooler). The camera is built with industrial components (-40/+85°C). The camera measures 58mm × 58mm × 80mm without optics. It weighs less than 410 grams without optics. The camera has a C-mount lens interface and comes with a 50mm f/1.4 SWIR lens. Different lens options can be provided upon request.

Application Areas: * Driver Vision Enhancement (see through fog) * Industrial Control (see trough plastic, paint, and glass) * Traffic Control * Scientific Imaging * Security and Surveillance * Drone and UAV based imaging

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