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Silma X4 I-ROBOT
Model Number: Silma X4 I-ROBOT

By: Metrologic Group Services

SILMA X4 I-ROBOT is the only all-in-one 3D Robotic Inspection software, for any manufacturing environment and dedicated to full offline simulation.

It is universal and capable of driving any measurement device (Leica, Creaform, Zeiss, Nikon, Faro, Cognex, etc....) and any robot (ABB, Motoman, Fanuc, Kuka, Staubli, etc...) directly.

Above and beyond what METROLOG X4 I-ROBOT offers, SILMA X4 I-ROBOT provides automated path generation based on feature selections, path optimization, anti collision and collision avoidance in order to accelerate programming time and offer the most optimized inspection path

It is powerful, flexible and easy to use: It offers perfect synchronization between the measurement device and the robot, the ability to perform full 100% offline simulation (robot path, point cloud acquisition and analysis and reporting), extreme ease of programming and program modifications, the ability to orient the robot path relative to specific coordinate systems . It gives complete freedom to the operator to create new and modify existing programs.

SILMA X4 I-ROBOT is a game changer in the field of automated inspection thanks to it universality, ease of use and power.

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