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IntelliPICK3D-PRO - for Bin Picking of unsorted components with highly complex surfaces


Bin Picking even under the toughest production environments for fully automated emptying of containers with unsorted components with highly complex surfaces.

IntelliPICK3D-PRO is a system solution for automating sophisticated bin picking applications using robots. In line with our Touch & Automate philosophy, it is quick and easy to install and deploy.

The system determines the position of unsorted objects at different heights and orientations. Intelligent collision avoidance enables trouble-free bin picking. By using high-resolution cameras, even the most complex components are detected precisely. Embedded technology enables the robot to remove the components from the container more quickly and place them in the defined position.

Unlike in conventional separation methods, the robot can pick even different components directly from the container. IntelliPICK3D-PRO is available in various sizes to ensure optimal emptying of a wide range of container types and sizes. Intelligent pick planning and precise placement of the components into the production line ensure absolute reliability and maximum productivity with shortest cycle times.

IntelliPICK3D-PRO features an intuitive user interface that can be used without any expert knowledge and allows the operator to easily analyze the system when necessary. Additionally, the user interface supports effortless configuration of new component shapes within a matter of hours. Compatible with all common robot types, IntelliPICK3D-PRO ensures reliable production processes and automation for enhanced efficiency.

Product Details: • Robust 3D object detection of dark and glossy parts • Copes with varying lighting conditions • Extremely fast scanning with embedded-point-cloud engine • Ready to use in hours with any robot • Collision-free robot path and gripper planning • Detection of non-part geometries • Fast collision check for improved cycle times • FOV from 400x600 mm to 1200x1000 mm

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