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EXO Series
Model Number: GigE Vision Interface


By choosing EXO, you only need to design in the camera once to get access to 15 different sensors, each in monochrome and colour. You can “scale your vision”® starting with 0.3MP and migrate up to 12 MP. The EXO series gives you the flexibility to adapt your application to changing needs. The novel monocoque universal housing design, machined from a solid piece of aluminium, is key to the flexibility. It ensures that dimensions, mounting holes and the lens adapter thread always remain precise, with the tightest possible tolerances. Designed-in once, it provides thousands of possibilities. Flexibility also applies to the choice of interfaces of the EXO. You are free to decide up-front, or in the course of your implementation, whether you prefer a model with GigE Vision, for optimal networkability, Camera Link, making use of an existing infrastructure or USB3 Vision (from Q1 2015) for fast and simple implementation with the highest data rates. All EXO models come with the same rich feature set: Several trigger modes, automatic gain and exposure, programmable defect-pixel map, look-up table and the unique SVS-VISTEK 4io-interface, featuring four power-LED drivers. It allows you to cost-effectively control and regulate your application’s illumination. As the EXO series is GenICam compliant, each camera can be addressed and configured by the SVS-VISTEK software SDK (Win XP/8 & Linux). Multi-tap CCD sensors will always perform impeccably thanks to integrated precise tap balancing.

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