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Hawk 216-A
Model Number: HK216-AP

By: Raptor Photonics Limited

Ultra Sensitive Monochrome EMCCD Camera | Analogue

Introducing the best night vision camera on the market today, offering comparable performance to Gen III Image Intensifier cameras. Using a back-illuminated sensor from e2v, this 2/3? full frame transfer camera offers a resolution of 625 TV lines, a frame rate up to 30Hz and a dynamic range of 55dB. It enables high sensitivity imaging (<50 µlux), using smaller pixels for ultra-sharp image resolution. With a peak QE of 90% (at 500nm) it also offers enhanced UV response from 180nm.

Back Illuminated EMCCD technology – Enables high sensitivity imaging (<50µlux). High QE: >90% @ 600nm – GEN III image intensifier performance. Enhanced blue response from 180nm – Low light UV with visible detection. Fan-less cooling – Ideal for integration and discrete low light surveillance. Operating temperature from -20C to +55C – perfect for rugged and harsh environments.

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