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DragonEYE - Vision integrated processor / Multi-camera system


Machine vision applications process an ever-increasing amount of information that must not be limited by the processing capabilities of computers. To exceed this bandwidth limit, TechwaY has developed a range of multi-camera acquisition cards equipped with a processor unique of its kind. Indeed, the DragonEYE series, thanks to its Vision Engine (FPGA technology), allows to unload the computers by offering the possibility to integrate the image pre-processing directly. This powerful and complex technology is offered in a «ready-to-use» format accessible to all image developers. It allows them to focus on their applications by pushing the limits of their equipment. The DragonEYE Lite and the DragonEYE Smart have been specially designed for multi-camera applications.

The DragonEYE Lite card, thanks to its « Vision Engine » Xilinx Artix FPGA technology, allows to acquire up to 8 GigEVision streams and to preprocess each stream in real-time. A series of pre-processing are included in the card and can be easily parameterized by the user.

The DragonEYE Smart card, with its « Vision Engine » Xilinx ZYNQ technology, can acquire up to 8 GigEVision streams. With the ZYNQ (SoC) embedded processor, customization of DragonEYE Smart is made available by developing preprocessing on the card, in C language with the OpenCV library, and take advantage of the FPGA accelerator.

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