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By: Alpha Data Parallel Systems Ltd.

The ADM-XRC-6T1 is a high performance reconfigurable XMC (VITA 42.3 Mezzanine Card) based on the Xilinx® Virtex-6 LXT and SXT ranges of Platform FPGAs.

Features include PCI Express® Gen2 interface, external memory, high density I/O, temperature monitoring, battery backed encryption and flash boot facilities.

A comprehensive cross platform API with support for Microsoft Windows™, Linux and VxWorks™ provides access to the full functionality of these hardware features.

The high density I/O connector at the front of the card is compatible with attaching any of Alpha Data's XRM2 compatible IO boards. (Including the XRM-CLINK-MINI, XRM-CLINK-GIGE, XRM-CAMERALINK, and other modules).

The optional fitting of the Pn4 connector provides an additional 64 General Purpose IO (GPIO) links to the carrier card.

For further product details see the ADM-XRC-6T1 product page here.

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