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LOTUS LED Line Light

By: ProPhotonix Limited

LOTUS is a compact, robust LED line light with integrated intensity control designed specifically for machine vision applications. It uses the latest in LED technology and optics to produce a bright, uniform light. Modular, it is available in any length to 5 meters in 100mm increments. In addition, the LOTUS range offers a 5 year lifetime with maintenance free operation.

Following customer feedback, ProPhotonix has developed new LOTUS configurations:

• A new, brighter LOTUS that delivers an increase of 50% intensity

• A water-cooled LOTUS that delivers up to 4 times the intensity for applications requiring higher intensity

Product Features & Technological Advantages:

Long lifetime with maintenance free operation

Now 50% brighter (190k lux)

Robust, compact mechanical design with integrated intensity control

High energy efficiency with integrated dimming control

Compact design (40mm x 60mm) with T-slot mounting

Any length up to 5 meters, in 100mm increments

Powered directly from 24VDC

Available in Visible and IR

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