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By: Photoneo

Flexible machine learning solution for picking randomly placed objects.

AnyPick comes pre-learned, no CAD models are needed. Able to pick almost any type of objects from 1x1 cm to ~ 20x20 cm, including non-transparent and non-porous materials, using a vacuum cup. Customizable weight limit. Integration with Photoneo’s PhoXi 3D Scanner ensures great precision, ability to work in various lighting conditions thanks to ambient light suppression, large depth of field and high speed up to 500 picks per hour. Running with any robot from all major robot brands: ABB, FANUC, KAWASAKI, KUKA, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, OMRON, STAUBLI, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS, YASKAWA.

Photoneo provides a complete solution, including a 3D area sensor, calibration & alignment, set-up in a friendly user interface, large gripper database and trajectory planning including inverse kinematics for major robotic brands. An important component is the AI/ML module which evaluates the scene, creates a heatmap and suggests gripping points. Used in logistics and sorting, e-commerce, online shops and stores, as well as for processing of parts that can vary in shape or size, e.g. in metallurgy, food processing etc.

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