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Macro Camera Objective - Machine Vision
Model Number: Zero Distortion Macro Lens

By: Opto GmbH

The Zero Distortion Mega Pixel Macro Lenses feature high-quality image resolution, and near-zero distortion for capturing tiny objects. These were also made for measuring the dimensions of mechanical parts, electronic components and board inspection. The lenses can be applied in printing, microbiology, forensic, and video microscopy operations.

This product has a C-Mount model configuration, and contains <0.01% distortion, 35-mm diameter.

Specification: Article number 100-MC030 Mag. 0.3x W.D. 202mm F-No. 8.4 Resolution 22 LP/mm Field Depth 1.5mm Distortion < 0.01% FoV 1/3' [mm] 16.0 x 12.0 FoV 1/2' [mm] 21.3 x 16.0 FoV 1/1.8' [mm] 23.9 x 17.7 FoV 2/3' [mm] 29.3 x 22.0

Documentation: http://www.opto.de/media/100-mc030_datasheet.web.pdf

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