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Model Number: Thermal infrared camera

By: Xenics

The Gobi-640 thermal camera is now also available with an industry-standard GigE Vision interface and is based on a fully transformed platform. The 640 x 480 uncooled microbolometer array features a small pixel pitch of only 17 µm and detects temperature differences as small as 0.05 ºC. Together with the powerful readout and processing electronics this guarantees unparalleled uniform and crisp thermal images. The Gobi-640-GigE offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of frame rate, user interface and temperature range, enabling the user to adapt it to various industrial settings at optimum operational conditions. All camera functions can be optimized according to user applications context.


- 640 x 480 on 17 µm pixel pitch - uncooled microbolometer array - 8 to 14 µm sensitivity - 50 Hz frame rate - Stand-alone or PC-controlled - GigE Vision interface Market applications:

- Medical imaging - Non-Destructive Testing: Lock-in thermography - Temperature measurement - Quality control and assurance - Real-time process control and monitoring - Alarm remote infrared detection

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