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The Recorder

By: Multicamera.Systems LLC

The Recorder software is intended for image and data acquisition and recording using machine vision cameras and other devices like lidars and custom sensors. The software is specifically designed to be used with multi-cameras and multi-PC systems, but of course simple single camera systems will benefit as well. It supports most of the modern machine vision cameras and frame grabbers from leading manufacturers Our software has many distinct and unique features:

  • Unlimited number of cameras and computers in a system;
  • Modern, simple and effective user interface aimed for end users;
  • Full remote control of distributed system provides exactly the same experience as with a local setup;
  • Synchronized and time stamped recording across all cameras and data sources:
  • Realtime low-latency multi-camera network video streaming;
  • High speed recording to compressed and uncompressed data formats;
  • Export of recorded data to common images and video formats;
  • High quality adaptive edge demosaicing for Bayer color cameras;
  • Highly optimized code guaranties very low CPU utilization even at highest data rates;
  • Easy integration with user own software modules for online or offline data processing;
  • Cross platform: Windows or Linux or mixed;
  • Special interface enhancement to support touchscreen devices and outdoor use.
  • Free unlimited updates.

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