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EtherCAT® in Real-time for Windows

By: Kithara Software GmbH

The EtherCAT Master has been specifically develeped by Kithara as an industrial Ethernet control solution for Windows, allowing for reaction times in the microsecond range and data transfer rates of up to 100 MBit/s in order to implement efficient I/O systems.

With the increasing development towards industrial Ethernet systems, EtherCAT has emerged as one of the fastest and most adaptable Ethernet field busses in the automation industry.

The Kithara EtherCAT Master is part of the Kithara »RealTime Suite« and acts as a highly efficient function library to implement complex automation tasks. Its easy application allows for low development effort and cost as well as high flexibility.

Some features:

  • Achieves "hard" real-time capabilities through accurate and high-frequency real-time timer
  • Cycle times of down to 50 µs
  • Reaction times of I/O data processing in the microsecond range
  • Fast process data and service data communication (PDO/SDO)
  • Automatic detection of the present EtherCAT topology
  • Mailbox communication as well as "CANopen over EtherCAT" (CoE)
  • Extendable with a variety of additional protocols and functions: e.g. FoE, SoE, EoE, FSoE
  • Supports PCs as EtherCAT slaves
  • EtherCAT Automation Protocol: Plant-wide real-time networking at command level with up to 10 GBit/s
  • »RealTime EtherCAT« consists of several different modules that are part of the »RealTime Suite«. The combination of these modules can be freely customized according to individual requirements.

    A free trial version of the »RealTime Suite« including the EtherCAT Master is available here.

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