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CoaXPress Range Extender

By: KAYA Instruments Ltd.

Overview KAYA Instruments’s CoaXPress Range Extender is industry's first CoaXPress range extender which provides a high resolution stream interface for distances up to 10km in single-mode, up to 400m in multi-mode. Optic fiber is electrically isolated, hence it does not radiate nor is it susceptible to electromagnetic interference, also eliminates the problems associated with grounding. The fiber cable is not easily tapped, providing more secure communication. The converter on the camera side can provide power to the camera over CoaXPress link, while the converter on the host side can sink power from the frame grabber. The system is constructed of two convertors, one on the camera side and one on the host side. The converters use flexible SFP+ modules for optical connection that can be easily changed. The range extender is able to provide an uplink of up to 6.25Gbps and downlink at 20.83Mbps.

Features • Solves distance limitation of CoaXPress • Downlink/Uplink of 6.25 Gbps and 20.83 Mbps respectively • Extention for distances up to 10km in single-mode and up to 400m in multi-mode • Bidirectional CoaXPress communication • Flexible SFP+ module for Fiber connection • DIN rail mounting (optional) • BNC connector for CoaXPress link • Plug and Play , no need to configure • Power over CoaXPress support • -40°C to 85°C operating environment temperature (industrial grade)

Additional model of CoaXPress Extender over coaxial cable is also available. Please, contact KAYA Instruments for details.

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