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Blackfly S Polarized Camera
Model Number: BFS-U3-51S5P-C

By: FLIR Systems, Inc.

See the world in a whole new way with the FLIR BFS-U3-51S5P-C. Sony’s new IMX250MZR with on-sensor polarizing flters adds polarimetry to the FLIR Blacky S already powerful feature-set. This model leverages Sony's Pregius global shutter CMOS technology designed to fulfill the promise of global shutter CMOS: crisp, clear, distortion-free images at high speeds. It is Sony's solution to the problem of overcoming reflections and glare from surfaces like glass, plastic and metal.

The IMX250MZR sensor features a smaller and very popular pixel size of 3.45 µm; the smaller pixel size is balanced with lower Temporal Dark Noise to maintain Pregius’ outstanding imaging performance.

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