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VisionBox OCTA

By: IMAGO Technologies GmbH

The VisionBox OCTA is intended for the usage of high-performance image processing applications in real time. The standard interface for cameras is Camera Link: Up to 2x Camera Link Full/Medium or 4x Camera Link Base connections are available. For preprocessing, the Camera Link board can be used in an output configuration like a camera. Via two Ethernet ports, data can be exchanged with the machine’s main computer or the IT infrastructure of the production. The KeyStone processors with the real-time operating system SYS/BIOS range up to 160 GFLOPS – 320 GMACS for complex algorithms.

The OCTA is programmed in C/C++ using the Code Composer Studio Tools based on the Eclipse framework from Texas Instruments. Using the JTAG-interface, every single step inside of the processor can be analyzed. As an introduction to those powerful VisionBoxes, we offer training services and example programs.

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