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EyeSens Match

By: EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH

The new vision sensor series EyeSens by EVT now has a with EyeSens Match a very powerful tool for contour correlation. The vision sensor EyeSens Match is equipped with the SmartMach contour correlation command, which detects and recognizes component parts and checks them according the characteristics, which are predefined by the user. With EyeSens Match it is possible with only one click to teach-in a component part, which then can be detected in any position and alignment to check if it fits the original part. Therefore several inspection tasks can be carried out with only one command on EyeSens Match.

With the EyeSens vision sensor series EVT sets a high value on an easy handling of the system, so that it is possible even for the unversed user to solve also complex applications in just a few steps. The SmartMatch command is therefore a great leap in the right direction. The command fits seamlessly into the EyeSens series and opens further possibilities for the user. Many measurement and inspection tasks are therefore solved faster and neater as well. Where before there was a series of commands needed for the detection and verification of the position of component parts, there is now only one vision sensor – EyeSens Match – which can solve all the necessary tasks.

Even complex inspection systems such as e.g. turned part sorting and stamped part inspection can now be solved. EyeSens Match can be used everywhere where component parts are in the field of view in any order.

The vision sensor is equipped with an integrated illumination and lens with 6, 12 or 25 mm focal length. And additionally EyeSens Match has a 1/3” CMOS sensor and a resolution of 782 x 485 pixel.

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