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rip® Railcar Inspection Portal

By: Duos Technologies, inc.

The rip® Railcar Inspection Portal is a modular intelligent visualization system that provides real-time detailed 360 degree imaging at speeds up to 70 mph. The rip® can be used for a variety of inspection criteria on mainlines or in yards.

Applications: - Mechanical Inspection - Security Inspection - Border Crossings

The included Linear Panorama Generator assembles images gathered from cameras and stiches all frames to create a continuous view of the entire consist. Operators can quickly select the side of interest and scroll through the continuous panoramic view. This also provides operators with a geo-special view of the train.

Automated Equipment Inventory (AEI) consist data is the primary methodology used to synchronize captured images of each railcar. The system is searchable using the AEI tag number or sequence in the train. Duostech xtd™ (Extreme True Definition Imaging) utilizes megapixel line scan cameras to provide and average image resolution of 224 megapixels per railcar. Images are crisp and highly detailed. A range of features and options are available offering maximum flexibility and scalability for end users.

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