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alis™ Automated Logistics Information System

By: Duos Technologies, inc.

alis™ Automated Logistics Information System Gatehouse Logistics Solution System was specifically designed to replace traditional gatehouse guard stations with turn-key, intelligent, multi-sensor systems; eliminating the potential for manual mistakes. The system automates existing gatehouse logistics while automatically creating comprehensive transaction documentation for each vehicle entering and leaving the distribution center.


• Completely browser based graphical user interface

• Device management independent software collects data from any number of disparate devices or systems

• The system analyzes and correlates the data, events, and alarms, to identify the real situations and their priority

• Presents the relevant situation information in a quick and easy to understand format for an operator to verify the situation

• The system provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), step-by-step instructions based on best practices, an organization’s policies, and tools to review and resolve the highlighted situations

• Tracks all the information and steps for compliance reporting, training and potentially, in-depth investigative analysis

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