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5 Megapixel IR Varifocal Lens
Model Number: MG5020FC-MPIR

By: Computar Optics Group

Computar has set a new standard by introducing a series of 5.0 Megapixel IR varifocal and monofocal lenses specifically designed for FA / ITS and high end surveillance markets. Unlike some 5 Megapixel lenses that are optimized for close up applications, Computar’s new lineup eliminates focus shift in visible and IR lighting allowing for perfect focus. Computar's 5 Megapixel lenses are over 2/3" diameter formatted to be compatible with CMOSIS sensor. These lenses are available in 35mm and 50mm, manual iris and DC auto-iris models with P-Iris (Precise Iris) models coming soon.

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