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Fixed-Mount ID Readers
Model Number: DataMan 100 Series

By: Cognex Corporation

DataMan 100 Series ID readers achieve an incredibly high performance level — six sigma read rates at up to 45 parts per second. These readers provide 1D and 2D code reading with models that read even the most challenging direct part marks. And, to ensure that codes meet industry quality standards, the DataMan 100 family includes code verifiers. DataMan 100 ID readers are optimized to ensure continuously high read rates of 1D and 2D symbologies in direct part mark and label-based identification applications, on the fastest production lines. This allows DataMan readers to deliver the industry’s most reliable code reading. The Power of IDMax™ software results in breakthrough Data Matrix code reading based on patented Cognex PatMax® technology. IDMax handles a wide range of degradations to code appearance that result from dramatic degradations in DPM code quality due to differences in material types and surfaces. IDMax is available with the Dataman 100X model.

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