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Model Number: IOB-ISO35-C144

By: BitFlow, Inc.

  • 36 inputs, 36 outputs
  • 12 TTL inputs, 12 TTL outputs
  • 12 differential inputs, 12 differential outputs
  • 8 Opto-isolated input, 8 Opto-isolated outputs
  • 4 high voltage inputs (12 to 24 V), 4 high voltage outputs (Open Collector - 3.3 to 24V)
  • Input level can be read by software
  • Inputs can be routed to the acquisition engine, Timing Sequencer trigger, camera, outputs
  • Outputs can be static (software controlled), dynamic (from the Timing Sequencer), source from other intputs
  • DIN-35 Rail mountable
  • LEDS indicate power, input activity, output activity
  • Pins grouped in blocks of 12 signals, each block of 12 has its own connector
  • Many different cabling options supported from frame grabber to BitBox
  • Cables can be purchased from BitFlow or customer manufactured (simple connectors used through out)
  • Power requirements 5 to 24 VDC

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