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AiDitron artificial intelligence software
Model Number: Microview

By: Beijing Microview Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

AiDitron offer ready-to-use Deep learning based software dedicated to industrial analysis.AiDitron is a field-tested,optimized and reliable software solution. AiDitron have own deep learning network architecture so can change network easily and get good accuracy.It allows tacking otherwise impossible to program OCR location inspection and classification challenges.The results in a powerful,flexible and straightforward solution for countless challenging machine vision applications.The Suite consists of 4 different tools.

AiDitron software/smart camera just like human being,can be trained and learn itself without programming.It’s powerful and easy to use:

1.Highly accuracy--almost 100% accuracy after learned enough images. 2.Solve the complex problem in easy way--just label and tell the software what you want. 3.Customer can get good result in 1 day--Very short time to train. 4.Very easy to correct mistakes --learn the images again when mistakes happened. 5.Anyone can easy to use--no programming skill needed. 6.Good compatibility and good extensibility; Support Windows on different platforms such as Linux Arm FPGA etc. 7.Support customer twice or more encryption ( customer who uses AI software to develop program should also be encrypted directly on the dog we provide to do secondary encryption but not on two encryption dog). One dog can be encrypted by two or more than two derection. 8. Open cooperation; customers can carry all kinds of technical requirements, as long as we discussed those requirements are doable. For example,if the client wants to open the interface of training tool and if the client require a large quantity, or client hopes a certain project one-time buy out, etc..

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