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TwinCAT GigE Vision Connector
Model Number: TF700x

By: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

The TwinCAT GigE Vision Connector extends the real-time automation software TwinCAT 3. It is part of the machine vision component TwinCAT Vision and lets you use GigE Vision cameras directly inside of TwinCAT 3. Setting device parameters and triggering image capture occurs in real-time, therefore image acquisition, PLC, motion control and other TwinCAT 3 components are perfectly synchronized.

Users perform all vision engineering tasks in the same TwinCAT engineering environment as for configuring fieldbus components or axes. It provides easy-to-use wizards for configuring device parameters, calibrating camera coefficients and using offline camera simulation to test vision applications in advance. No third-party software is needed. TwinCAT GigE Vision Connector at a glance:

  • Connect and control multiple GigE Vision devices simultaneously
  • Retrieve image data inside the TwinCAT 3 runtime
  • One IDE for all vision engineering tasks as well as for fieldbus I/O configuration or motion control
  • Easy configuration of camera parameters based on GenICam
  • Wizards for calibration and simulation
  • With the TwinCAT Vision library, image processing is carried out directly in the machine controller. It provides algorithms to execute typical machine vision tasks in real-time and thereby extends existing controls:

  • Real-time image processing in TwinCAT 3 runtime
  • Synchronization with motion control, safety, IoT, a.o.
  • Programming directly in PLC code
  • Flexible allocation of processing tasks and multi-core parallelization
  • Integration of self-written algorithms
  • TwinCAT GigE Vision Connector is the right match for you if you want to integrate highly synchronized image processing capabilities into your machine or if you want to reduce system complexity by integrating vision applications into an existing TwinCAT system. Free 7 day trial licenses are available for TwinCAT Vision.

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