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VeriSens® XF series
Model Number: VeriSens® XF

By: Baumer Optronic GmbH

VeriSens® of the XF series offer the entire functionality range of up to 19 monochrome feature checks. Furthermore, VeriSens® XF-200 / 205 models can also read and verify characters and numbers as well as matrix and barcodes. All models communicate the inspection outcome not only by digital I/Os, but results and default values also via the process interface. Alternatively to integrated white illumination, infrared with integrated daylight filter eliminates potential daylight impact. The not visible flashing will not bother any staff in the operating range.

VeriSens® in stainless steel design with IP 69K protection

The XF-105 / 205 vision sensors meet the very stringent hygiene requirements by washdown design in high-quality stainless steel.

VeriSens® PROFINET® gateway

The VeriSens® PROFINET® gateway available as an accessory allows for parallel interfacing of up to four VeriSens® on PROFINET®. Furthermore, it integrates a switch to ease implementation of linear network topologies. The VeriSens® Ethernet port remains available for image processing visualization on the web interface or for image saving on FTP server.

  • Full range of VeriSens® tools for monochrome feature checks
  • High-speed mode with up to 100 checks per second
  • 360° part recognition using FEXLoc® for part location
  • Coordinate conversion, process interface, user level, and test mode, etc.
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