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VeriSens® XC series
Model Number: VeriSens® XC

By: Baumer Optronic GmbH

The VeriSens® XC series opens up the universal XF functionalities for applications with user-specific lenses and illumination or where color is an additional feature check. Besides mandatory C-mount for modular tube systems, VeriSens® XC is the first vision sensor platform with fully integrated flash controller to enable quick and efficient solutions even in complex applications. By powering external illumination it eliminates the need for additional hardware and furthermore even flashes with the required pulse of up to 48 V and 4 A. High-performance CCD sensors with resolutions up to 2 megapixel meet even advanced application requirements. The VeriSens® XC series is also available with color sensors and Color FEX® functionality. Color setup with Color FEX® Baumer makes color verification an easy thing. With Color FEX® incorporating the idea of an intelligent assistant, VeriSens® offers a unique functionality. After teaching the relevant object colors within the sensor-defined color range, color tolerances are visualized by the radius of 3D spheres which are verified upon collisions with each other. The color defined in the sphere center is assigned a name by the system – which means, a yellow area is also named yellow.

  • Full range of VeriSens® feature checks (monochrome, color)
  • Fully integrated flash controller (48 V / 4 A)
  • Innovative color setup by Color FEX® 3D color assistant
  • C-mount interface, free choice of lenses
  • IR or daylight filter, independent of lens (as an accessory)>

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