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VeriSens® CS / ID series
Model Number: VeriSens® CS / ID

By: Baumer Optronic GmbH

VeriSens® of the CS and ID series offer a powerful range of functions focused on the main task: The CS series is equipped with all the tools needed for checking and sorting products, while the ID series includes reliable text and code readers for identification tasks. Both series are especially suited for the first steps in image-based object checking. The unified user interface featured in all series enables switching to the more powerful XF and XC series models without additional training.

VeriSens® with integrated infrared illumination Infrared (IR) illumination adds two more benefits to VeriSens®: Flash operation beyond human eyesight capabilities will not bother any staff within the VeriSens® operating range. Secondly, the integrated daylight cut filter eliminates ambient light impact in the image processing task.

  • Particularly conceived for tasks in checking and sorting or for reading plain text and 1D / 2D codes
  • 360° part recognition using FEXLoc® for part location at changing positions
  • Part sorting using 5 freely definable outputs
  • Optical character recognition and verification (OCR / OCV) without font training
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